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Our Library allows you to store and broadcast your surgeries safely.


All the tools you need in one single platform

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Cloud storage

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Two step authentification


Easy search

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Synchronize multimedia content with clinical data

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Confidential mode



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Fast statistical work

Confidential mode

To be able to store patients data in a secure manner, we developed an algorithm that pseudo-anonymizes such content and can only be unlocked by the user who has created it. 

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Cloud Storage

Nowadays, it’s all about connectivity. Having data stored in a cloud service allows users to have the information accessible anywhere at any time.

Two-Step Authentication

We secure the highly sensitive data physicians need to store with a two-step authetication process.

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By connecting Library with Vision, all medical procedures can have the most qualified surgeon just by sharing a link. From its couch, the expert can see through the surgeons’ eyes and guide it along the process.

Easy search

With a huge amount of clinical data and multimedia content, it’s difficult to find what the healthcare professional wants. That's why we developed the app with a simple search format, where the user can perform a simple filtered search.

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This feature allows the detection of patterns and makes suggestions to help healthcare professionals with automated data entry.

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Through live transmission during clinical procedures, it's possible to learn from the best professionals in different areas of medical specialization, anywhere in the world.

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Synchronize multimedia content with clinical data

SM Library will allow the healthcare professional to relate the patients' clinical data with the multimedia contents loaded in the app.

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Live, up-to-date statistics

With the synchronization of clinical data, it will be possible to do statistical work much faster, making it much easier to prepare the curricula that healthcare professionals have to do. It is possible to import and export excel statistical reports.


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