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Warmth and safety can look good.



Antistatic effect

Water repellent



Hidden compartiment

Always carry the institutional ID card, and easily visible.


communication system

The need to have cables passing outside the jacket and getting tangled on everything is over.

Smartphone charging

It is now possible to charge the smartphone without cables passing outside the jacket.

Adjustable collar

According to the needs, the collar can protect the back neck or be folded to allow dissipation of heat.

Flexible & Tightly adjusted sleeves

The sleeves are flexible but always adjusted to protect against inadvertent bacterial entrance.

Pen arm-pocket

Always have a pen at close distance, on the arm. Left or right, doesn’t matter, it will be there and easy to access.

Inner pen-pocket

There is enough space to store many pens, even when the sleeve are of and the jacket becomes a vest.

Detachable sleeves

A middle step to control thermogenesis and to maintain hygiene, when preparing to make a hands-on task.

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