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SurgeonMate’s glasses allow you to record and broadcast, your surgeries safely and anonymously.


The innovation in medical surgery


Motorized point of view

SurgeonMate Vision has a hands-free adjustable and motorized point of view.

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4K  Camera

With 4K technology, SM Vision allows healthcare professionals to capture detailed footage of their operating field in a non-intrusive way.


Voice Commands

During a clinical procedure, healthcare professionals have their hands busy, so the user can start and stop recording, add bookmarks, turn on/off the light, etc...


Signaling light

The glasses are equipped with a LED light that creates a visual signaling light mechanism that indicates the area being recorded. It is synchronized with the point of view of the camera.


Live broadcasting

Using live broadcasting during medical procedures, it becomes possible to learn from the best healthcare professionals, from anywhere in the word.

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Connect Vision with our Library

Record your surgeries with Vision glasses and use our Library to store and broadcast them safely.

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