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Technicals Fabrics

ThermoTech is made of technical fabrics with permanent

anti-microbial, anti- static and water repellent properties.

It’s effect lasts for the lifetime of the product itself, even after washing it.



Thinking about right and left-handed people, the Jackets have on both arms a pen-pocket where a pen can store and always be easily reachable.


Pocket System

To allow charging your smart-phone on-the-go we developed a system that connects two pockets. Now you can store the powerbank and the smart-phone on different pocket and not get tangled on cables.

Jacket and Vest

During the daily activities you might need to regulate your temperature or feel it might be convenient to use a Vest.

The Jackets have detachable sleeves to assist such needs.

Transparent window for

ID card

On the left pectoral area of the jackets there is a transparent window to allow an easy reading of the institutional ID card that is placed inside the hidden compartment of the fully functional pocket in such area.

Free devolutions.

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