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4K Camera

During a surgical procedure, a detailed image is critical to determine the nature of the tissues being dissected. With 4K technology, SurgeonMate Vision allows surgeons to capture detailed footage of their operating field in a reliable and comfortable manner.

Voice Commands

During an operation, when surgeons have their hands busy in the operating field, tiny adjustments are required to ensure the best footage is taken along the procedure. Also, having such a user-friendly interaction with the device, the surgeon can start and stop recording, add bookmarks, turn on/off the light, etc...,it can tell the device what to do to best suit the needs.

Processing Unit

Focused on ergonomy and comfort, but keeping in mind the demanding requirements to record surgeries in a reliable manner, we had to create a specially designed processing unit that can be held at the waist. The majority of the electronics were displaced from the glasses into such mini-computer (roughly the size of a smartphone).


Point of View

Across a surgical procedure, surgeons need to be able to centre of the area being recorded towards their operating field. All surgeons are special for us and different surgeons have different heights, therefore, and to ensure we can deliver their unique perspective of their procedure, SurgeonMate Vision has a hands- free adjustable and motorized point of view.

Signaling Light

The glasses are equipped with a LED light that creates a visual signalling light mechanism that indicates the area being recorded. As it is synchronized with the point of view of the camera, by adjusting the light, the surgeon is adjusting the camera to record that detail it wanted so much to keep on the footage.

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