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Pseudo-Anonymization Algorithm

To be able to store patients data in a secure manner, we had to develop an algorithm that pseudo-anonymizes such content and can only be unlocked by the user who has created. Only the user will have full access to the information it has created and stored on SurgeonMate Library.

Cloud Storage

Nowadays, it’s all about connectivity and our users are no different. Having the data stored in a cloud service allows users to have the information accessible anywhere at any time.

Two-Step Authentication

Due to the highly sensitive data physicians need to store, we have to be sure that the only person to have access to such important information is the one who created it.

Live Broadcasting

The operating room has restrictions in terms of the number of people watching a procedure. Still, when that hard time comes, surgeons want to have the most qualified surgeon around. By connecting Library with Vision, such presence is just as far as sharing a link. From its couch, the expert can see through the surgeons’ eyes and guide it along the process.

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